Rev Dr Kevin Ward

MA(Hons) (Canterbury); BD, DipEd, DipTchg, PhD (Otago); DipMin (NZBTC); MCAIRANZ

Phone: 03 473 0786; 021 490 913
Blog: Resourcing the Church
Teaching: Church Leadership, Church and Society, Preaching

Kevin joined the team here at Knox in 2003, when it was the School of Ministry. His previous experience has been as a secondary school teacher, Baptist minister and then for thirteen years as a lecturer and Associate Dean at the Christchurch Centre of the Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw College). As well as his roles at KCML he is also and Adjunct Lecturer in Theology and Religion at the University of Otago. His academic field is practical theology and his particular interests are in church life and leadership. His research interests are in religion and church in contemporary society and in congregational studies. He has published widely in these areas in New Zealand (and some overseas), for both academic and more general readers. He is currently working on manuscripts for two books in this area. He keeps himself balanced by walking, swimming, tramping, golf, music (a self confessed Beatles nut) movies (has taught on spirituality in film at the University of Otago) and enjoys red wine and good coffee.

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