Readiness for Ministry Reports

Readiness for Ministry Reports

During the course of their training, ordinands work their way towards a 240-credit Diploma of Ministry. The Diploma comprises seven major papers of, a synthesis paper, a number of one-day intensives and supervised ministry experience.

Before the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership Director is able to make a recommendation to a presbytery that an ordinand is suitable for licensing, the ordinand must complete the Diploma in Ministry and have a satisfactory assessment of their Readiness for Ministry.

Students who have some outstanding requirements in relation to their Readiness for Ministry may still complete their Diploma in Ministry which they would normally receive along with other ordinands concluding their studies.

At various stages of an ordinand’s training a Readiness for Ministry Report will be completed. Its purpose is to enable the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (KCML) to regularly report to the ordinand’s Presbytery on their progress in being prepared for responsible pastoral ministry and mission leadership in the Church.

Each Readiness for Ministry Report is drafted by the tutor in discussion with the student and based on a Student Self-review noting points of progress, challenge and focus. The drafts are discussed by the staff of the KCML, and if necessary referred back to the tutor and student for amendment.

As well as completing the taught requirements of the Ministry Diploma, Readiness for Ministry requires evidence of personal growth and maturation, participation in the community including its worship, development of required competencies and demonstration of a sense of responsibility for self and for others.

Both the Tutor’s Report and the Student’s Self-Review should refer to these areas, noting the cognitive, emotional, professional and spiritual dimensions of ministry formation and, as appropriate, making reference to the competencies described in the School of Ministry Handbook.

If there is disagreement between the parties a dissenting report may be appended.

Reports are signed by the Student, the Tutor, and the Principal of the School of Ministry prior to being sent to the student’s home Presbytery or Synod.

Readiness for Ministry must be sustained in order to complete requirements for licensing.

The Tutor will recommend whether or not the progress of each student should be assessed as sustained or as not yet making adequate progress towards readiness for ministry. This is then discussed by the staff and the Director. Further consultation with the student will take place in cases of difficulty.

Each period of review must be sustained prior to entering the next period. The final period must be sustained before a Presbytery may proceed to licensing. This is confirmed by a letter from the Director to the Presbytery.