Rev Dr Geoff New

B Min (BCNZ), D Min (ACT)Geoff 4

Phone: 03 473 0785; 0274 416 970
Teaching: Preaching the Scritpures; Pastoral Care and Christian Formation

Geoff New commenced as Dean of Studies in 2015. His employment background was as an Employment Officer (Dept of Labour) in South Auckland and working in Human Resources for the Manukau Housing Corporation.

In 1993, Geoff began his study for Bachelor of Ministries majoring in pastoral care at the Bible College of NZ (now Laidlaw College). In 1996-1997 he attended the School of Ministry (Knox College) as one of the first three ordinands in the newly developed Ordination Studies Programme. In 1997 Geoff was called to Papakura East and Hunua Presbyterian Church where he was minister until appointed Dean of Studies (KCML).

During his time at Papakura East, Geoff was also a Police Chaplain for five years for the Counties-Manukau Police District, lectured in preaching for five years at Laidlaw College, lectured on occasions at Carey Baptist College and since 2011 has been a trainer for Langham Preaching ( with responsibility in South Asia. Since 2012 he has been the director for Kiwimade Preaching ( which is the NZ expression of Langham Preaching. Kiwimade Preaching aims to encourage, challenge and resource preachers within the NZ context.

Geoff was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2011 through the Australian College of Theology. His thesis was entitled: “Back to the Future: The impact of the ancient disciplines of Lectio Divina and Ignatian Gospel Contemplation on contemporary preaching.”

Geoff is married to Ruth. They have three adult children: Rebekah, Josiah and Luke; and one grandchild, Nathaniel.

Geoff enjoys indoor rowing, biking, silent retreats and movies (not silent).

Articles Published

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