Foundation students are expected to support themselves through their foundational studies. Ordinands are not entitled to financial support until they have completed their foundational theological studies and entered the ordination studies programme.

In case of hardship some limited funds are available at the Principal’s discretion to assist National Ordained Ministry Foundation Studies Students experiencing financial difficulties. Students experiencing such difficulties should contact the Director.

Bursary Support for Interns

The Bursary is set at 80% of the Basic Minimum Stipend. It is tax-free, which means the Intern should receive around $35,000 per annum.

If the Intern is already serving in the parish as a Local Ordained Minister, and/or employment in the parish is guaranteed beyond the period of the internship, the Bursary is likely to be taxable.

If an Intern has a dependent spouse and children, limited alternative sources of income, and is clearly struggling to make ends meet, a top-up grant may be applied for through the Registrar.

Full Bursary support begins when Interns commence their parish-based Internship. Partial Bursary support will be given for attendance of pre-Internship training events. This will amount to a daily allowance of $50.

Ministry related costs, such as car mileage, will be reimbursed by the parish. All costs associated with training, including travel to and from block courses, will be met by the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership.

Beneficiary Fund (Ministers’ superannuation fund)

National Ordained Ministry ordinands who are married are, from the day of the first Spring School at the beginning of their studies covered by the benefit provided by the Fund to the spouse and children under 16 years of a member dying in the active ministry.

Those who marry during their ordination studies are covered under this provision from the date of their marriage.

This extends while they are a licentiate for up one year following the valedictory service. At the time of ordination and induction into their first parish National Ordained Ministers are required to join the Beneficiary Fund.

Note that due to the nature of the deed setting up the beneficiary fund, it is not possible for Local Ordained Ministers to be members of the Beneficiary Fund and parishes and LOMs need to make alternative arrangements.