Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies


Foundation Studies for National Ordained Ministry are theological and general tertiary level studies to be completed before entering the Internship Studies Programme of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Students accepted for National Ordained Ministry training while they are completing their Foundation Studies are under the supervision of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. The choice of subjects in their degree needs to be approved annually and tailored to meet Foundation Studies requirements. Some additional papers may be required. There will also be some additional formational events each year outside the degree programme.

Students accepted by the National Assessment Workgroup or through the Personnel Workgroup should contact the Principal or the Dean of Studies prior to finalizing their course of studies each year.

Annual review

As soon as their academic results are available at the end of the year, Foundation Students should arrange for a transcript to be sent to the Dean of Studies together with a report on their year’s work, and their plans for the year ahead.

Some courses may not meet the requirements of the church and early consultation and guidance each year is essential.

Financial support

There may be some financial support available from the Church before the commencement of the internship studies programme, depending on the level of Trust Funds available. For further information, please contact the Registrar.