Mission in Community

A repeated theme heard in the PCANZ is the need to develop leaders in mission. In a post-Christian climate in New Zealand, mission, and theologically speaking, God’s Mission is the primary focal lense helping churches and ministries interpret their identity and purpose. In one sense then, mission colours and shapes all courses and leadership formation of KCML.

However this course singles out the conduct of mission to focus specifically on the practices, frameworks and skills in leading of faith communities and ministry in mission.

Mission is a broad concept and means many things for people. The PCANZ lists five faces of mission

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand believes it is called by God to work with others in making Jesus Christ known through –

  • Loving service responding to human need
  • Proclaiming the gospel
  • Seeking to transform society
  • Teaching and nurturing people in Christian faith
  • Caring for God’s creation

This course has chosen to focus leading mission practice and skills around a different but related set of themes, with the emphasis on practical implementation for different contexts

  1. Listen in Place: Prayerful attention and discernment. Call, gift and promise.
  2. Serve: Mercy and Incarnational Love
  3. Act Justly: in Ethics & Prophetic action
  4. Apologetics: Engaging with cultural ideas, religions, social narratives.
  5. Evangelise: Gospel sharing and the Evangelising Community
  6. Initiate: Educating for Entering the Faith Community
  7. Plant & Form New Seedlings: Embodying the Gospel in new social expressions

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This course is taught by Rev Dr Steve Taylor and Rev Dr Mark Johnston