Financial Grants for Study

Ministers’ Study Grants

Are you a Presbyterian minister planning on further study? Do you know that you can apply for a study grant from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership?

Applications are invited in June and October each year. Your programme of study will need to be approved by Presbytery and you will need to be a minister in good standing of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Click here for the guidelines for applying for a study grant.

Click here for the application form.

Enquiries can be directed to the Registrar

Begg Dickie Scholarship

We are pleased to announce modifications to the Begg Dickie Scholarship. This Scholarship is supported by the William Catherine Begg and John Dickie Memorial Scholarships and other legacies the church has received to support further study by those graduating from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership.  The Scholarship is available to any graduate from KCML.

Applications are invited which enhance the diversity and mission of the PCANZ.

The scholarship is awarded for a term of three years.

We encourage any minister who has graduated from KCML to consider further study and applying for funding support, particularly applications that will enhance diversity of PCANZ and its mission scholarship. The scholarship is offered once a year, applications to be received by September and awarded in October.  

Click here for application guidelines and regulations.