Theological Reflection

Theological reflection is essential for leaders in mission.

You come to this class with a foundation degree. You have done theology.  Theological reflection at KCML does not seek to “deepen” what you know, by exposing you to more complicated i.e. “postgraduate” level theology.

Instead it comes with an integrative, contextual frame, shape by vocation.  As a Minister of Word and Sacrament, how to help a community respond to theological challenges and opportunities not previously experienced? How to develop individuals who can bring different approaches to theological reflection?  How to work with the diverse cultures that gift and grace the PCANZ? Given that church is the body of Christ, what does it mean for theological reflection to be a body practice, shown, experienced and known as a communal skill?

The competency for being a Minister of Word and Sacrament in PCANZ include two that directly impact on Theological Reflection: Leading worship and theological attentiveness and Enabling mission practice.

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This course is taught by Rev Malcolm Gordon and Rev Dr Mark Johnston