National Assessment

National Assessment

The National Assessment process is a crucial step for anyone considering a call to ordained ministry. There are a series of essential stages along the way. Click here for a flowchart of the National Assessment process.

It is important that you are aware of the dates concerning the National Assessment application and assessment process. Click here for a calendar of events.

National assessment is the step after you have been assessed by your Presbytery. Your initial application needs to be directed to your Presbytery Candidate Convener. Click here for Presbytery contact details.

The national assessment process is facilitated by the National Assessment Workgroup (NAW). NAW is appointed by General Assembly. NAW has responsibility for discerning the call to ministry of those who apply for training for National Ordained Ministry. NAW is under the leadership of two co-conveners, and the group comprises of 12-15 representatives of the breadth of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership does not oversee the national assessment process. Our role is limited to advising applicants of academic requirements and having one member of the KCML team, usually the Principal, attend the national assessment weekend.